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International Conference on Computational Fluid Dynamics in Research and Industry 2019 (CFDRI2019) or CFDRI is organised by Faculty of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM) in conjuction of with International Conference on Integrated Technologies (ICIT 2019). CFDRI has an annual conference since 2015 to provide a gathering event among researchers from all over the world. CFDRI aims to provide a platform for academics, researchers and industrial players to share knowledge and ideas, widen networking, present their research findings and explore any other potential benefits that might contribute to the better future. International participants from other parts of the globe are most welcome. International conference invites academics, students and researchers to share knowledge and ideas of current works in a conference while the reviewed presented papers will be published in a SCOPUS indexed conference proceedings. The participants will meet our invited international speakers from various countries.

# CFD Methods # Fluid Flow Characterisation # Fluid Structure Interaction # Fluid Machines # Turbulence Analysis # Porous Media Flow # Heat Transfer # Aerodynamics # Automotive Engineering # Heat Exchangers # Combustion # Spray Analysis # Indoor Air Quality # Industrial Environment # Electronics

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